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Case Study

  • The Critical 100-hour (Almost 100 marks improvement in O-level test within 100-hour coaching )
Student Justin Teo, at the age of 18, was from Dimension International College. He was introduced to Acuteen Academy on Sept 23, 2012, just 30 days before his O-level exams. His scores in Physics, E-math and A-math at that time were all below 30%. He was highly depressed and frustrated. His mother hoped he could achieve A2 and above for all the three subjects with the help from Acuteen. This was almost Mission Impossible. During the critical 100-hours preparation, he was first trained with a series of emotional competence skills before taking tuition. Then he was encouraged to reach coherent emotional state (as indicated by the 100% coherent score in the right graph) before every lesson or exam. His confidence gradually recovered with improved awareness, and better alertness helped minimized careless mistakes. Before the O-level exams, he managed to achieve A’s for all the three subjects in mock exams. Now that the O-level exams are over, he is confident that he will score full marks in his O-level E-math, and attaining A1 for both his A-math and Physics.


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