Social Emotional Competence training

Social Emotional Competence training

 Invited by Global Business Magazine (GBM) and Country Garden, Acuteen Academy go to Golden Bay for the 2-hour Social Emotional Competence ™ workshop in Johor Bahru in Malaysia on April 5 during Chinese Qingming. Dr. Gan Bo, the principal of Acuteen Academy, conducts the training in person.  Attendants include employee from GBM and Country Garden, and people who are interested in this workshop. During workshop, many students show high interest in the experience of “the Zone” and they keep discussing during the break.

Dr. Gan Bo conducts Social Emotional Compentece in Johor Bahru

Dr. Gan Bo demonstrates bio-feedback technology to measure emotion. Furthermore, he shares a natural, efficient and effect method to get into “the Zone”, so called emotion coherent zone. Last but not least, Dr. Gan Bo shares how to apply the Social Emotional Competence to reach a happy life. Finally, Dr. Gan Bo ends up with the metaphor of tornado: no matter how messy and chaotic outside, we can still feel no stress just as the peace in the center of tornado.

Social Emotional Competence  referring Social Emotional Learning framework by Singapore MOE, with bio-feedback technology, is able to visualize, measure and transform emotion. We provide Social Emotional Competence training for students, parents, educators, employee and CEO level managers. The training provides natural, efficient and effective method to improve productivity, creativity and happiness of life.


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