SEC labTM is a laboratory registered under Acuteen Academy. It provides research and scientific work into development of programmes, techniques and content to energize  and emotionalize individuals and companies.

Energy & Emotion Measurements

We are able to provide Energy and Emotional measurement for person/s, which includes state of emotion coherent levels and energy levels.

Experience our Training Methods

We perform Social Emotional Competence training for all levels, from a stressful and tired state to a calm energize coherent state.


before applying the method
after applying the method
Throughout the 10 minutes, the coherent score goes up

Stress level is measured every 2 minutes and it goes down

(The top bar is the data after applying the method for 10 mins and bottom one is the stress score before application)


  • Dr. Gan Bo  presenting to Singapore National Stroke Association

 Dr. Gan Bo, the principal of Acuteen Academy presents “How Emotional Competence helps recovery of stroke” in Singapore National Stroke Association on Feb 22nd, 2014

Stroke Club Flyer - 22nd Feb 2014

  • PM Lee urges Singaporeans to strengthen “heartware”

SINGAPORE – Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong urged Singaporeans to strengthen their “heartware”, which refers to the love for the nation and loyalty to Singapore.

Heartware from Prime Minister