Stress-free Learning & Exam Techniques™

staying in “the zone” – the revolutionary approach to a new level of concentration, clarity and focus

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Gain FIVE extra marks for each subject by illuminating exam stress and achieve peak performance.

Is exam stress preventing your child to be a gifted or high-achieving student in a school?

Studies have shown that examination stress is an epidemic, spreading from students to students, preventing them from achieving better results. Parents tried all ways to teach their child to handle or cope with exam stress, some parents wanted their child to adapt or get used to stress and no parent actually know how to train their child to eliminate exam stress.

“The best gift to give to your child is a life-long technique to eliminate stress. Once your child master the technique, you would not need to worry for your child for the rest of your life” – Dr Gan

This stress Free Exam Technique course will equip your child the advanced skills to eliminate stress and take control of mind to maintain a state of clarity, calmness and centeredness to handle examination questions.


Staying within “the Zone”

2 Days “Funshop” – Stress-free Learning & Exam Techniques™

Workshop Synopsis

  • To experience coherent physiological state that is only enjoyed by top Olympiad athletes
  • Completely eliminate exam stress with zoning technology
  • Enhance memory by staying in the zone
  • Improve reading comprehension
  • Reach peak performance with optimal mental and physiological state
  • Improve thinking speed
  • To learn various study skills

Key areas to be covered:

  • Advanced and scientifically proven techniques to eliminate exam stress
  • Develop a new stress free attitude during exam
  • Proven method to immediately shift to, stay in and operate from “the zone”
  • Advanced techniques to improve on focus, concentration, comprehension, memory recall and ability to solve answer exam questions with confident
  • Practical skills to stay aware (relax and alert state) during exam environment
  • Self-practice framework for on-going practice to master all the skills

Curious on the activities for the 2 days workshop, click here to see the program activities arranged for your child.

Workshop Date :  17th and 18th March 2016 (Thurs and Fri)

Time : 9 am to 6 pm ( total : 16 hours )

Course Fee :
S$299 per child
Contact:  Dennis – Mobile : 82882677
email :

Venue : PIF Capital
53 Mohamed Sultan Road, Level 3, Singapore 238993
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How our course will help your child to perform excellence in Exam?


  1. Stress Expert – life-long skill to eliminate exam stress
  2. Fact Expert – long-term memory on subject knowledge
  3. Exam Expert – advanced skills and strategies to handle exam questions
  4. State Expert – stay in physiological state know as “the Zone” during exam
  5. Emotion Expert – easily eliminate exam anxiety, remember and express clearly what already know effortlessly

Only S$299.00 for two days workshop.

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staying in “the Zone” – a new
definition in learning & taking exams

“Exams can be pressurized, but doesn’t have

to be stressful”

Experiences from the students:

After practicing the techniques, I can easily stay awake and fell less tired in my learning and sports competition.
———–Cam, Sec 3 student (picture on the left)

I am pleasantly surprised that I become totally stress-free in my A level exam when I apply the skills. I finished 2-hour paper with 30 minutes ahead of time and finished 3-hour paper with 40 minutes ahead of time. I am very happy to be free of any careless mistakes.
———–Yu Wen Yao , ‘A’ Level student

Call Dennis for more details : +65 8288 2677