Emotional Intelligence, also called EQ, is the ability to be aware of and to manage emotions and relationships. It’s a pivotal factor in personal and professional success. IQ will get you in the door, but it is your EQ, your ability to connect with others and manage the emotions of yourself and others that will determine how successful you are in life, be it in school or at workplace. In coherent to our Ministry of Education’s Social Emotional Learning (SEL) framework, we introduce a vital tool that will induce a higher level of productivity and holistic heartware heights through one of its kind tailor-made workshop that has time and again proven to be successful and beneficial.

Social Emotional Competence (SEC) is the ability to shift to and stay in a measurable physiological state (emotional balance) that underlines optimal learning, performance and resilience.

This often results in better decisions, higher concentration and confidence levels, higher awareness and alertness, improved ability to communicate and relate to others, and greater overall performance.

EEM Coaching is a program designed specifically to help them strengthen their social emotional competence so that they can better manage experiences from school or workplace and social life. The techniques participants learned from this workshop will be helpful in enhancing their academic or professional performance, character building, sports, and many other aspects of their lives – including managing complex social situations. The tools used to measure this “coherent emotional state” are proprietary biofeedback technologies from Heart math LLC, a stress management solution provider.


1. What is EEM?



Hardware Software Heart Ware

2. Why is it important?
Empowering people to unleash their potential using cutting-edge developmental technology based on brain and heart science

3. When you can use EEM?
To enhance or recharge people &companies peak performance, productivity & Emotional Intelligence, etc.

4. Where can EEM be available?
EEM is exclusive to Acuteen Academy – a programme that is approved by Health Promotion Board

5. How does the program work?
Measuring physiological level of coherence (an optimal state in which the heart, mind and emotions are operating in sync) or in the Zone


1. One-of-its-kind
2. Scientifically-proven and approved by the Health Promotion Board
3. Sun-rising technology of the 21st century
4. Combines hardware and software with the emotional coherent of heart-ware
5. The epitome of quantum physics
6. Embraces CARE- “Conscious And Resonant Exercise” – Breathing
7. Ignites productivity and positive workplace dynamics
8. Bringing the best of the individuals, professionally and socially
9. Refuel, recharge and reform
10. Positive Mind-set is a Happy Lifestyle

Benefits of Coherent Emotional State
-To make a higher productivity and peak performance

Importance of Inner Management
The importance of learning inner-management techniques at an early age is becoming increasingly apparent. In today’s fast-paced society, there is mounting pressure on children to excel in school at younger and younger ages. Today’s children, however, experience considerably greater stress in their lives, shouldering far greater responsibilities and emotional burdens as compared to ten years ago.

emm2Coherent Emotional State:
Research has also revealed that the heart communicates information to the brain and throughout the body via electromagnetic field interactions. The heart generates the body’s most powerful and most extensive rhythmic electromagnetic field. The heart’s magnetic component is about 5000 times stronger than the brain’s magnetic field and can be detected several feet away from the body. It was proposed that, this heart field acts as a carrier wave for information that provides a global synchronizing signal for the entire body.

emm3Over the years, it was found out heart rate variability (HRV), or heart rhythms, stood out as the most reflective of inner emotional states and stress. It became clear that negative emotions lead to increased disorder in the heart’s rhythms and in the autonomous nervous system, thereby adversely affecting the rest of the body.

emm4In contrast, positive emotion increased harmony and coherence in heart rhythms and improve balance in the nervous system. This is called heart-based coherent emotional state that helps student to improve their academic performances significantly.

Results shows that those who operate from coherent emotional state can have significantly increased capability in anger management, self-confidence, concentration and intuition, management and focus, perceptions of family support/satisfaction. After the training, the students scored well above the average range on many of scales on which they had previously scored below the norm, as indicated by the right graph.

Testimonial for “Emotional Competence for Personal Performance”

1.  Name:  Viech Song (Mr.)
Position  Regional Manager, VisionFund

For myself, I was impacted by this training as below points

  • able to control my emotion (at home and work place)
  • always keep conscious though and judgement every problem I encountered.
  • gradually move my priority step by step without frighten and anxiety.
  • Beside, impact on myself, i have shared to some of our staffs

2. Name:  Kong Chantha (Mr.)
Position:  Administrative Manager, VisionFund 

From my own opinion and observation, at first I thought that it was not worthy to spend my time with this course because to lead people, we need rather our technical skills than emotional expertise. However, during and after the class, my thought has changed. I have learned that technical skills are just a small piece of the huge cake (the cake which I refer to leadership). Without emotional intelligence, leadership lacks of its essence of quality. Emotional intelligence does not only bring the awareness of our present day to day life, but it can also help us strive during the difficult time and hardship (the calmness in a big storm that I have never imagined). I also thank Dr. Gan and VisionFund that give me the opportunity to participate in this important course. The course is very practical and can be used not just at workplace but elsewhere. I would recommend staff to attend the course and I’m ready to join with other TOTs to share what I have learned to them.

3. Name:  Catherine Tan (Mrs)
Position: Administrative Manager, AIA Singapore        

I find this workshop is really different from other many workshops I have attended before, instead of teaching a lot of theory, this workshop equipped me with a lot of hands-on skills that I can apply to my daily life. Surprisingly, I find I am able to finish my task much more efficiently than before when I tried to stay in the zone.

4. Name: Ming Hong
A participant in our Emotional energy coaching workshop

Please bear with me to start in a somewhat cliché way:

Once upon a time, the seventeen year old did not do well for her English exam again. She just experienced failure one more time, and she admitted that it was just another trivial lesson in her life to teach her to believe in herself, to persevere, and to correct. However, what really made her panic was that she did not know how to carry out the abovementioned three tasks to improve herself, and the O-levels around the corner, ready to scare the slow-walkers on the road seeking a higher education.

As is a tale, so is life. Interesting plots often have twists, and fortunately, my story also has one – Dr. Gan Bo and his Acuteen Academy. After a candid discussion about my trouble with my parents, Dr. Gan Bo recommended an excellent emotion management consultant and a wonderful English teacher who have taught me how to cope with not only exams but also future challenges in life. I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to Dr. Gan Bo and his team, who have crystallized the abstract concept of emotion management into something measurable and tangible, and applied their findings to benefit others to be their better selves, including me myself.