Enrichment Classes

Price: $280/Day
Date: Monthly 1-day course 9AM-5PM (Lunch Provided)
During exam, sudden panic and nervousness cause student to be not able to recall the fact. It affects students’ status of exam.

  • Improve emotion management skill
  • Improve concentration and focus
  • Improve recognition speed
  • Scientific device to measure emotion

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Price: $100/ 4lesson(2hours) Total 8hours
Date: Every Sat 2-4 PM
Art and Talent
Public Speaking
Confidence Building
It is conducted in a group environment very similar to that of the school classroom (i.e. students are trained in the midst of noise and distractions). This method of training ensures that the child is able to learn even under the normal noisy classroom conditions

During each session, your child will participate in specially-designed activities. These activities also strengthen the foundations for efficient handwriting and increased focus.

Price: $100/ 4lesson(2hours)  Total 8hours
Date: Every Sat 2-4 PM
Actively become involved in their own learning process.
Build engineering and science intuition.
Develop their interests in math and scientific technology.
Strengthen their  research and problem solving skills, as well as reading, writing, presentation skills, and creativity.