Emotional management to reduce stress and health problems


Emotions are a part of our heartware (software), and reason is our hardware. W An imbalance between the two sees the creation of stress. Stress is not a product of external factors; it formed when external factors affect your insides. By managing our emotions, we can reduce stress and the toll it takes on the body.


Emotions happen to everyone, they come from everywhere, anywhere and are unavoidable. Emotions are actually energies and can in fact be measured scientifically. There are recently developed instruments that can detect the minute energy fields around the human body. Of particular importance is the SQUID magnetometer, which is capable of detecting tiny biomagnetic fields associated with physiological activities in the body.


As energies, emotions are never destroyed but converts from one form to another. Hence, it is key to release them from the body. The problem is that it is not always practical to express our emotions immediately, in public or even in private. Society teaches everyone to suppress our emotions to fit the mould. Parents, teachers, friends and even strangers have inculcated the need to keep our emotions inside from a very young age.


When we suppress our emotions, we bottle up our energies and create stress. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), it is understood that each organ produces a specific type of energy, called “Qi“. TCM also teaches about how emotions and organs are linked through this “Qi”.


Unresolved emotions will affect the corresponding tissue and organs in various ailments. For example, extended and mishandled frustration may lead to gallstones or gallbladder disease. Chronic anxiety affects the stomach and lead to gastritis. Worries even affect the immune system, making the body more open to infections.


Not managing emotions well do not just cause niggles and slight discomforts, it can also lead to death. The biggest killer in most developed countries is heart disease. Typical sufferers have Type A characteristics – impatient, irritable, aggressive, who are generally fast-talkers and workaholics. These are the kind that thrives in sales roles, law litigation and the finance industry.


It is estimated the 90% of the body’s physical problems have psychological roots. Quantum medicine is a field of science has received recent prominence in relation to dealing with emotional energy. Often referred to as energy medicine, Quantum medicine uses various tools to train the mind to control emotion energy to promote self-healing.


Here is a quick 1 minute 3 step ABC tip that help achieve a balance coherent state without even standing up.


Step 1: Awareness. Focus your awareness on the area around your heart, the area in the center of your chest. If you prefer, the first couple of times you try it, place your hand over the center of your chest to help keep your awareness in the heart area.


Step 2: Breathe. Breathe deeply, but normally, and imagine that your breath is coming in and going out through your heart area. Continue breathing with ease until you find a natural inner rhythm that feels good to you.


Step 3: Consciously. As you maintain your awareness and breathing, activate a positive feeling. Recall a positive feeling, a time when you felt good inside, and try to re-experience the feeling. One of the easiest ways to generate a positive, heart-based feeling is to remember a special place you’ve been to or the love you feel for a close friend or family member or treasured pet. This is the most important step.


At the end of this exercise, you would have relaxed and released a sizeable amount of pent up emotion energy. If you are feeling a weight off your shoulders, this is just the start.


Acuteen Academy is an one-stop training service provider and education center which has expertise in social emotional competence. These emotional management skills can be taught, measured and learnt there. It can slowly change one’s character, especially for Type A people. Practitioners can then more emotionally balanced, where stress is less likely to be a bother on one’s life or health.