Emotional awareness for better communication in the work place

The most common issue faced in communication in the workplace is how sometimes the assumption of passing what would appear to be a simple message clearly, fails. This lapse in communication happens in plain sight and it never occurs to us how little of our original message was actually received.


There is a difference between what we mean to say and what is heard. A belief that having the main points laid clearly means that the message itself will be clear. Some times we get so fixated on our message that we forget to take a step back to see how the message is received by our colleagues at work.


A crucial component of effective communication is to always be aware of how we deliver the message. To be in the proper emotional state makes all the difference to our delivery. Knowing that the emotional state that you are in when you deliver a message affects the emotional state of the recipient is the first step. When a senior member of the team addresses a junior in the office, having the seniority and authority affects the message before it is even delivered. Receiving a similar request from a colleague differs from when it comes from the boss.


Now that we have this awareness in mind, let us step into the shoes of our recipient, most of the time in the workplace some details which seem rhetorical are not given the attention they are due.


“It’s pretty straight forward.”


“This goes without saying.”


We hear similar sounding sentences thrown about in the workplace during meetings and discussions, though seemingly harmless, they can result in the loss of our message. Be in a coherent state to who you’re talking to, what does your tone and delivery suggest? Making a conscious effort of the emotional states on both sides could create a much more conducive environment. Being on the right emotional frequencies at work can lead to more productive meetings, discussions will not be as one sided and would invite clarification and even constructive suggestions to better workflow in the office. To be in sync with your emotional state leaves a clear channel for professional communication that leaves guesswork out of the equation.


Having this awareness and making it known is an important skill to have in the workplace. And like all skills they can be trained to be made better with practice. Come on down the SEC labs where we offer corporate courses for a more productive and fun working environment.