Emotion and Mental-Wellness Management

Alias: Stay Sharp in the Zone

This course is self-developed by Acuteen Academy to provide an opportunity for the students who want to improve emotion management and mental-wellness capability to apply on study, working performance, social life and relationship.



This course prepares students for Emotion & Mental-Wellness Capability examinations conducted by Acuteen Academy (Singapore).

Learning objectives:

Focus areas:

  1. The course cover the following 6 modules:
    1. Social Emotional Competence
    2. Action Learning
    3. Public Speaking & Social Skill
    4. Massage & Body Relax
    5. Critical Thinking
    6. Psychology Counselling

Students must choose 6 modules in this course.


The focus is in areas of practical and theoretical knowledge in the fast changing technological world. At the same time, the course also equips students with the prerequisite subject requirements that they may need in their further studies as well as equips them with knowledge that they can readily apply in their real life with value addedness.


Mode of delivery



Enrollment Requirement

  • Complete Book List of Stay Sharp in the Zone
  • Proficient in reading and writing in either English or Chinese
  • Pass the emotion coherent test measured by EmWave


Graduation Requirement


Assessment & Examination


Total contact hours

Full-time: 54 hours per month

Part-time: 30 hours per month