Mental and Emotional Wellbeing


Social Emotional Competence for Performance™


This is a practical and effective workplace stress management program that empowers your staffs to truly take charge of their emotions for accelerated performance.


Top 3 Myths about Workplace Stress

Myth #1: Stress is normal and sometime even necessary to push for results

Studies show that stressed people are less efficient, bad communicators and weak at making good decision.


While some people feel that they need to work with certain level of stress, most gone beyond the “healthy level” for a prolonged period. Operating in the state of Emotional Balance can provide us with more energy to create greater results.


Accepting stress as a normal condition for work is counter-productive for the individuals and the business.



Myth #2: Stress is caused by work situation and environment

Stress is caused by how the person FEELS about the work situation or environment – NOT the ACTUAL work situation or environment.


Therefore, increasing/decreasing the workload or changing the work environment will not do much good unless the change helps the person to feel better.


While sometime it is necessary to quickly adjust the work arrangement to address a critically stressful situation, this is only a temporary solution – unless it has a sustainable impact on how the people feel about the change.


Myth #3: Stress can be managed by focusing on anti-stress program

Don’t fight stress, promote Emotional Balance. Sending people for anti- stress training and setting up committee to study into stress are not the way to remove it. Instead, it is more effective to focus on calmness, clarity and energy.


Why it is important to go beyond Workplace Stress …

…. because there is real cost to individuals, businesses and societies …

75% to 90% of all visits to primary care physicians result from stress-related disorders.

Paul Rosch, M.D. President, American Institute of Stress



Recent estimates show that in US alone, job stress costs employers more than US$300 billion a year in absenteeism, tardiness, burnout, lower productivity, high turnover, worker’s compensation and medical insurance.


Shift into Emotional Balance

Emotional Balance is a measureable physiological state that underlies optimal learning, performance and resilience. This often results in better decisions, improved communications and greater overall performance.


Emotional Competence for Performance™ is a program that facility the ability to quickly shift to and stay in the state of Emotional Balance.


The methodologies and tools provided in this program are:

  • simple – participants with different age group, background can learn and apply the techniques almost immediately
  • effective – participants get to experience how they can shift to Emotional Balance within seconds and choose to stay in that state on a sustainable basis; and
  • empowering – individuals can be inspired to take personal responsibility in raising their personal Emotional Competency


This program is suitable for all level of management and operational staffs, especially those who interact a lot with people in their job and/or work under demanding environment.