On 24 Aug 2014, AEIS students enjoyed the 1st day of Social Emotional Competence training: Stress-Free Exam Techniques. They were very active and benefited from the course about how to manage emotion, what is coherent state (“flow state/zone”), how this state improve productivity, how to quickly shift into “the Zone” during exam, etc.

Furthermore, they were trained how to improve efficiency to improve English comprehension, vocabulary, math calculation by coherent emotion state.

They were looking forward the part 2 of the course on Aug 31.


AEIS-StressFreeExamTech-EmotionManagement-SEL-Acuteen (2)

AEIS students were happy to experience the emotional competence course.



AEIS-StressFreeExamTech-EmotionManagement-SEL-Acuteen (1)

Almost all of students reached coherent emotion score: 100 after measurement by bio-feedback device.



AEIS-StressFreeExamTech-EmotionManagement-SEL-Acuteen (3)

Boys paid attention to the class.



AEIS-StressFreeExamTech-EmotionManagement-SEL-Acuteen (4)

Girls were dedicated to practice the emotional competence method.



AEIS-StressFreeExamTech-EmotionManagement-SEL-Acuteen (5)

The girl volunteered to measure her emotion with curiosity.



AEIS-StressFreeExamTech-EmotionManagement-SEL-Acuteen (6)

Dr. Gan shared how the emotional competence skill improves academic result.



AEIS-StressFreeExamTech-EmotionManagement-SEL-Acuteen (7)

Mr. Leo shared the research data of Acuteen Academy about how the coherent state improves cognitive process.



AEIS-StressFreeExamTech-EmotionManagement-SEL-Acuteen (8)

AEIS students shared what they have learnt throughout the course.



AEIS-StressFreeExamTech-EmotionManagement-SEL-Acuteen (9)

AEIS students shared what inspired them in the training.