A leading institution in developing human potential leveraging on emotional competence in Asia Pacific.


Acuteen Academy empowers people to unleash their potential using cutting-edge developmental technology based on brain and heart science.

Core Values


lignment (brain-heart, work-life, organization)

Do the right things

  • Empower people
  • Integrity in practice
  • Clarity pursuit of objective

ompassion (social work, community service)

Do the heart things

  • Give back to community
  • Care for employee
  • Care for customers

xcellence (unleash people potential to reach excellence)

Do things right

  • Satisfy Customers
  • Deliver Quality Program
  • Deliver Quality Process

Our Philosophy

Connecting the Dots


Acuteen does not look at things separately.



Over the years, it was found out heart rate variability (HRV), or heart rhythms stood out as the most reflective of inner emotional states and stress. Acuteen is dedicated to the educational aspect of this research to help students to achieve the best state of mind in their study.





AQ 360


Acuteen has developed a suit of methods to get students into Coherent Emotional State as fast as possible.

It has been proven super helpful for the students who are about to get into an exam or a presentation.