Established since 2001, Acuteen Academy (AA) is registered with the MOE as an Educational Consultancy and Training which provides the following services:

  • Lifeskills Enrichment Programmes in Goal Setting/ Soft Skills Training/Leadership/Motivation and Coaching/ Personal Grooming/Personal Effectiveness/ Financial Literacy/Motivational Study Skills/Social Etiquette/Cyber Wellness, etc.
  • Social Emotional Learning (SEC) Competencies with one-of-its-kind Emotional Energy Management (EEM) tools using EM Wave* and Bro-Well* technologically-enhanced devices; a program that is approved by the Health Promotion Board.
  • A Trilogy of Peak Performance where hardware and software sandwich the emotional competency of heart-ware.
  • Tuition Services for all Academic subjects in English/Math/Chinese/Science/The Humanities, etc.
  • Technological approach through scientifically-proven devices for energy coaching, installation and business venture.


Acuteen Academy specializes in training social emotional competence for schools and corporate which blend in emotional energy management; a specially designed program that is approved by Health Promotion Board.

  • Social emotional competence is a set of fundamental competence that help student toembrace a holistic and fulfilling life. Acuteen Academy has developed series of training program to enhance social emotional competence leveraging on coherent emotion. Coherent emotion is a measurable physiological state that previously enjoyed only by top Olympiad athletes. With proper training program, now the public can be trained to access to the coherent emotion that boosts optimal learning, performance and resilience and the improvement on the physiological state can be visible with the latest biofeedback devices.
  • Through many years of research and development, Acuteen Academy offers solution to make the intangible emotion to present in the form of energy and make emotion visible, measurable and transformable. With simple, natural and effective tools, Acuteen Academy blends experiential learning and metacognition to make the training session fun and effective. For example, People can learn fast method to transform the negative emotion to positive emotion within 24 seconds.
  • Acuteen Academy has provided training in Hwa Chong institution, Teck Why Secondary School, Bishan Park Secondary School to name a few and received fantastic responses from the students and teachers.


  1. Acuteen Academy is the only company in Singapore and this part of the region to introduce Emotional Energy Management (EEM) of which it will elevate participants to their peak performance through our scientifically proven devices such as EM Wave and Bio Well TM. This EEM programme has also been endorsed by Health Promotion Board and a partner with Workplace Health Promotion grant scheme.
  2. Besides empowering corporate organizations to achieve higher productivity, we also provide students with the skills required to succeed both in the education pathway and in Character Development. (SEL Framework as prophecies by MOE).
  3. We help participants reach their full potentials and goals with a conducive learning environment.
  4. Importantly, our trainers; both corporate and school arenas are passionate as they are qualified and dedicated.
  5. We provide top quality courses/programmes to help the participants to achieve the best possible results.