8 Emotion Management Strategies for Workplace Happiness

Emotional Quotient (EQ) is the measure of one’s social and emotional competence in both interpersonal and intrapersonal behaviour styles. Improving one’s EQ, will improve their communication skills, satisfaction and overall happiness in the workplace.

1. Be the change. When you are struck with an idea of how to make something better, or a new idea to implement, speak up. Don’t settle for what is. Share your voice. It’s your passion and purpose whispering to you.

2. Know that you are right where you need to be. Have patience and compassion with yourself. Everything you have experienced is leading you to your life purpose.

3. Be adaptable. Accept what is and then move to action. Learn to roll with punches. Being adaptable and flexible creates positive interactions and outcomes.

4. Ask yourself what makes you happy. Without reservation or hesitation, allow the answers to rise to the surface. Take note of them. Then, do more of what makes you happy.

5. Quality engagement and relationships. You never know who you are going to meet or how that person plays a role in your life. Treat every person with respect and dignity, no matter their station. Everyone deserves the right to be happy.

6. Live in the now. Don’t live in the future, or the past. Each day and each moment has the potential to bring something significant to your life’s purpose. Pay attention.

7. Have compassion for yourself and others. Begin with yourself. Know your strengths and weaknesses. Work on what you can and accept what you cannot change. Also, learn to accept others for who they are, “warts” and all.

8. Pay attention to the small moments. At the end of each day, reflect on all the things that you are grateful for, no matter how small. A beautiful breeze, moments of laughter, someone’s generosity, or an email from a loved one. It’s all about recognising and appreciating the small moments that can bring us joy and propel us to happiness.

By building your interpersonal EQ you will become more self aware and be able to manage your emotions better. Intrapersonal EQ strategies will help you enhance your engagement and relationships with others. By developing emotion management and improving emotional quotient (EQ), Singaporeans can be more effectively at their work and happy in their work life.