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Acuteen Academy Milestones


More rapid expansion and major milestones for Acuteen Academy

Acuteen Academy (AA) a full-service integrated training, technology and tuition hub is planning more rapid business development and territorial expansion in Asia Pacific for 2016. The company plans to expand its operations and presence by scaling new heights in promoting the insurgence of the sun-rising energy coaching programme, Emotional Energy Management (EEM).

2015/2016 will also be a year of major milestones. AA turns 14 years old and will celebrate the occasion by spreading it wings into People’s Republic of China (PRC). Since 2012, AA has come out of its shell from a humble education destination for tuition to major business initiatives that defy boundaries.

At present, we have managed to sign, seal and deliver 2 investment deals with 5 investors from Singapore and China.

Our EEM programmes have penetrated and assisted more than 2000 clients in nearly 100 companies to date.

Acuteen Academy’s rapid growth trajectory continues


  • New ownership acquisition of AA through Dr Gan Bo.


  • Since 2012, its one-of-its-kind energy coaching EEM has become a signature product especially inSingapore and Far East.
  • Establish EEM method and created several star students (Zhang Yuan Da and Yu Wen Yao) with EEM integrated tuition with many accolades both in Singapore and the region.


  • Won Top-Asia Excellent Brand
  • Trained students in Hwa Chong Institution, Bishan Park Secondary and Teck Whye Secondary in a debut training with the government schools.


  • Won Excellent Singapore Brand


  • Trained EMBA students in Peking University, Tsing Hua University and University of Chinese Academy of Science.
  • July 2015 as part of the Workplace Health Programme grant, this scientifically-device programme has been approved by the Health Promotion Board, Ministry of Health Singapore.
  • December 2015:  EEM has grown significantly in recent years in line with the Group’s strategy to focus more on the Asia-Pacific region; China with provinces like Chengdu and Shenzhen with a fresh order of SEC LAB installation of EEM package from junior to high schools worth more than $500,000.


  • Strategic partnership with the Hong Kong National Therapy & Research Centre in advanced researching on cultural therapy for cancer and stroke.
  • Strategic alliance in Emotional watch (pulse Qximiter series) with Kon Sung Group, Hong Kong.
  • Strategic alliance in Brain-Emotion detector (alpha and beta wave programme) with BrainLink.
  • Strategic alliance in Mediation and Counselling workshop with Marican Mediation Services (BB Marican Maideen Law & Co) Singapore – in the pipeline.
  • New innovation ideas: Bio-well and its creative application; EMwave and its creative application. Patent for Emotional Ear Ring.
  • New strategic partnership: Great Success, Berjaya Group, Sunway Group, The Secret Recipe, Only World Group, Asia Metropolitan University, New age University, Dandelion Education Think Tank (China), Macro Intellect, Fantasia, Nanyang Group, Co-aid Cancer Care Center, Hong Kong Naturopathy Institution.

2016 and beyond

  • To develop smart device for emotional monitoring and endeavour to promote the application of EEM to education, corporate training and wellness industry in the global market.


Success Stories

Mr. Viech Song
Regional Manager,

For myself, I was impacted by this training as below points: – able to control my emotion (at home and work place)  – always keep conscious though and judgement every problem I encountered. 


 Mr. Kong Chantha
Administrative Manager, VisionFund 
From my own opinion and observation, at first I thought that it was not worthy to spend my time with this course because to lead people, we need rather our technical skills than emotional expertise. 


Mrs Catherine Tan
Administrative Manager,
AIA Singapore

I find this workshop is really different from other many workshops I have attended before, instead of teaching a lot of theory, this workshop equipped me with a lot of hands-on skills that I can apply to my daily life.


Ms. Ming Hong
A participant in our Emotional energy coaching workshop
As is a tale, so is life. Interesting plots often have twists, and fortunately, my story also has one – Dr. Gan Bo and his Acuteen Academy.